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Gratitude & the Law of Attraction

It can feel so difficult and baffling to consider the things we can’t see.

I am so obsessed with the Law of Attraction, but even though I consider myself to be open-minded, I was definitely dubious at first.

The whole concept of ‘like attracts like’ felt so intangible and out of sync with my fearful outlook on life, but when I found out that it was scientifically backed and religiously practised by none other than Albert Einstein, I made it my mission to wrap my head around it all.

‘Like attracts like’ teaches us that positive energy attracts *more* positive energy, and so on. So, as unhelpful as it may seem when we’re constantly told to ‘just think positive’, it is *actually* a reliable way to attract positive things, people and situations to us. How exciting!

One of my favourite ways to ‘interact’ with the Law of Attraction is by writing a gratitude list before starting a creative project or important task. It quite literally raises my vibration, and ensures that my best energy goes into what I’m creating, making the process and the outcome feel a billion times more positive. I did this at every stage of creating The Crystal Healing collection, and the design process just came so naturally. I was lucky enough to work with the loveliest suppliers, inspired by the most beautiful crystals, and it was all so. much. fun. I’m so pleased with the results, too!

What are you thankful for today? ♥︎